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Simple Lawn Mower Repairs Tips That Will Keep Your Equipment Running Have you recently encountered complications when using your lawn mower equipment? If so I have good news for you which will not only see you save money but also protect the life of your lawn mower. Below are some of the successful lawn mower maintenance tips that will help you take care of your mowers without necessarily hiring the services of experts. Read the user manual after purchasing your lawn mower A lawn mower user guide or manual is a document detailing all the important aspect on how to take care of your lawn mower. Despite its importance, a lot of individuals fail to pay attention to it. Even if you have previously owned a lawn mower, it is important that you go through your equipment manual since different lawn mowers come with different instructions. This document will tell you how to assemble your mower after you have purchased it. Most manuals come in multiple languages.
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Thoroughly clean the undercarriage
The Beginners Guide To Lawns (Getting Started 101)
If you have ever used a lawn mower by now am sure you are conversant with the importance of the undercarriage. Owning to its role, this part always collect lots of dirt and grass debris. This means therefore that it is a common observance that grass and dirt will always get clogged in here hence blocking the proper discharge of fumes which might interfere with the working of your equipment. When caring for your mower it is important that you pay attention to the undercarriage and thoroughly clean all the baked grass and dirt using a hard brush. Check on the oil level regularly It is beyond reason that lawn mowers require oils for them to function properly. To ensure that your lawn mower is working perfectly for longer, ensure that you check on the levels of your oil. This therefore goes to say that you need to check your lawn mower oil levels on a regular level. Find out from your user manual on how to drain the oil levels in your lawn mower. This is either by opening the oil drain or by tilting your mower. Regularly sharpen your blades Do not wait for your lawn mower to start cutting your lawn unevenly in order for you to realize that you need to attend to your blades. By sharpening your blades you will be making the work of your mower efficient as it will have a smooth time even on tough turf. You should also ensure that you get to replace your blades after using them for more than six months as this will greatly help with the well being of your equipment.

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