Suggestions on What to Do in Medan, Indonesia

Going on vacation is an emerging essential need among people who live in big cities due to its stressful lifestyle. Medan, a capital city of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia, is a good place to visit for a short trip. This city provides various activities that will help you forget your tiring lifestyle. You can read about what to do in Medan on the following paragraph.

There are a lot of interesting activities in Medan that you can do during your vacation in this city. Some of them are listed below.

  • Visiting North Sumatra Museum: if you go to Medan, you have to go to this museum. This museum can be considered as the best museum in Medan. You can learn about the culture and history of North Sumatra province. Once you arrive at the museum, you will be greeted with galleries which consist of stories of Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu eras, and also Dutch colonial period in this province. Various collections, such as sculptures, farming equipment, textiles, and ancient weaponry are also available in the museum. Surely the best choice for educational vacation.
  • Eating at Merdeka Walk: Medan is a popular city for culinary trip. However, if you have no clue where to eat, especially at night, you can just go to Merdeka Walk. This area is basically a stroll filled with various stalls and restaurants selling various types of cuisine in the middle of the city. You can try various foods at once, and this place can be considered the best place for those who travel in a large group as you can order different foods from different stalls at once. Several menus include toothsome desserts, fresh juices, curries, rice, soups, and noodles.
  • Visiting Istana Maimun: this place is basically the Medan’s royal palace, which once belonged to Deli Sultanate. These days, the public can visit several parts of this palace that has been converted as a museum, including the elegant throne room, some displays that describe royal family’s history, and several ancient clothing collections. You can even dress up with these clothing by paying a small amount of money and capture a memorable picture in the throne room or even walk around the palace with the dress.
  • Visiting Mesjid Raya Al Mashun: this mosque is the main mosque in Medan and can be considered as the most beautiful mosque in Medan. It was constructed using imported materials, including Italian marble. You are allowed to wander around the mosque and admire the elegant details exhibited by the architecture. The highlights of this mosque are the dark exquisite domes, wonderful stain glass, and emerald green tiles. Non-worshippers are allowed to take a tour outside prayer hours and expected to dress politely to respect the holy place.

The list above already mentioned about some of the things you can do when you visit Medan. Other than the things mentioned above, there are still many other activity you can do, especially for culinary trip. So, book your itinerary and enjoy your vacation in this city!

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