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How to Get Weight Loss Surgery Being overweight is something that millions of people worldwide have in common. This is common with those that consume more calories than they should and don’t get enough activity in. Many find that they are tempted every single day as there is plenty of food to consume all around. A lot of people also struggle with getting in enough exercise if they have sedentary jobs or lifestyles. Another issue is that a lot of people buy fast food when they are in a hurry going from place to place. Those that are dealing with a significant weight problem should look for ways to get healthier. Being morbidly obese requires even more concern and care. Many have to experience a health scare or other embarrassing situation before understanding that it is time to make a change. There are some that come to the realization on their own terms and through their own mental acceptance and understanding. People should be in a good spot emotionally and mentally before starting an arduous diet or exercise program. One option that those suffering from obesity may want to consider is weight loss surgery. The point of weight loss surgery is to provide quality medical intervention that can help with dropping weight quickly. Bariatric surgeons are the doctors that specialize in and perform weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgeon appointments can be set by getting a referral from your primary care physician or by scheduling an appoint yourself. This will give you the opportunity to discuss the weight loss surgery choices available and if they can get you approved. A lot of bariatric surgeons require their patients to start a diet and exercise program and follow it for a specified amount of time before they will approve weight loss surgery.
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It is possible that you will have to lose a significant percentage of excess weight before they will perform any surgery on you. The top surgeries being utilized today are gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and lap-band surgery. Gastric bypass surgery is a surgery that consists of a pouch being made to limit portions and an intestinal bypass. Of the three, the gastric bypass has been medically proven to be the most effective for long-term weight loss.
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Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgery that requires the removal of over eight percent of the stomach and leaves a sleeve stomach that is much smaller. Weight loss results are quite promising to date with gastric sleeve patients. A lap-band is the least performed surgery and is the placement of a medically safe band around the top of the stomach.

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