<pre>After Case 322, Retsu Receives One Year Ban from WePlay!

Still remember the case of 322 from the Cyber ​​TRACTOR team? We had a chance to discuss it and if you don't know yet you can listen here first, slur!

As the title above, we will not discuss the 322 case of Cyber ​​TRACTOR in more detail, but the aftermath of the 322 case from the CIS team. This team was banned from playing April 29 and was replaced by Team Unique in its position on WePlay! Pushka League Division 2.

After going through the WePlay team investigation! and Cyber ​​TRACTOR management, it was concluded that the head, Artur "Retsu"Kotsoyev became the initiator of illegal betting with certain results. The player was punished by WePlay! for one full year and will not participate in this one famous event organizer.

Source: WePlay!

Suspension or ban from WePlay! will be effective until 2 May 2021 and it is likely that the entire team will be replaced by Cyber ​​TRACTOR management. However, the Cyber ​​TRACTOR team is still allowed to participate in the following season.

"We understand that Cyber ​​TRACTOR is in a very difficult position because of the roster Dota 2it's still an experimental stage. "It is not easy to decide on this outcome, but we have no choice but to ban such incidents again in the future," Anton said.WarLocK"Tokarev, WePlay! Esports Lead Manager.

Source: WePlay!

"Thank you for your trust and opportunity to participate in the league next season. We cannot predict what has happened. In the future, we will control our players more tightly when the official mat is rolling, "said Evgeny Belozertsev, Representative of Cyber ​​TRACTOR.

With this result, only Retsu received a severe punishment. Certainly very detrimental considering the WePlay title! very prestigious and able to compete with ESL, PGL, and other famous esports providers.

In fact, on the WePlay mat! The Mad Moon organizing team presented Tesla Cybertruck as the talk. It's certainly interesting to see the tournament that will be presented by WePlay! after the COVID-19 pandemic ended. For Retsu, it's better to change to another game for now, hahaha!

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